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Cannonball Bed Queen Size with 2 Hepplewhite Nightstands and Mule Double Dresser Chest


This Package includes a Queen Size Cannonball Bed, 2 Country Hepplewhite Nightstands and a Mule Double Dresser Chest with the option to upgrade to a King Size Cannonball Bed for (+$600)

Cannonball Bed Queen Size (circa 1720-1760)

Post height is 56.5”
Height from floor to top of rail is 17”

Country Hepplewhite Nightstand (circa 1790-1795)

Height: 27 1/2” Width: 18 3/4” Depth: 17 3/4”

Mule Double Dresser Chest (circa 1750-1760)

Height: 34” Width 60 1/2” Depth: 18 1/20”

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Queen Size Cannonball Bed with Two Country Hepplewhite Nightstands & a Mule Double Dresser Chest

Looking for stunning Colonial bed frames? Check out our Cannonball bed, paired with Hepplewhite nightstands and a Mule double dresser chest.

  • This Package includes a queen size Cannonball bed, two country Hepplewhite nightstands, and a Mule double dresser chest.
  • Each piece was carefully crafted to match the style of its time, with the Cannonball bed queen size circa 1720-1760, the country Hepplewhite nightstand circa 1790-1795, and the Mule double dresser chest circa 1750-1760.
  • Enjoy the stunning beauty of handcrafted furniture from Eldred Wheeler when you purchase this set.

The Eldred Wheeler Cannonball bed features a wide turned post available in tiger maple or cherry wood. This post features the classic turned Cannonball style produced by the late 18th and early 19th Century New England cabinetmakers. Shown with the country Cannonball headboard and optional shell carving.

The Hepplewhite nightstands were made in great quantities throughout the rural parts of New York during the 18th century. As was the case with the early pieces, this nightstand has a refined cockbeaded edge around the drawer.

Our practical dresser is derived from an early colonial form which originated in England. These early chests were referred to as “mule” chests because of their capacity to hold large quantities of linens or other soft goods. Ample drawer space makes our “mule” chest ideal for today’s bedrooms.

Purchase the set to enjoy all of these handcrafted pieces in your own home.

Dimensions & Details

  • Cannonball Bed Queen Size: Post height is 56.5” – Height from floor to top of rail is 17”
  • Country Hepplewhite Nightstand: Height 27 1/2” Width 18 3/4” Depth 17 3/4”
  • Mule Double Dresser Chest: Height 34” Width 60 1/2” Depth 20”


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Wood & Finish

Light Tiger Maple, Natural Tiger Maple, Vintage Tiger Maple, Light Cherry, Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry

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