Our New England Bed Collection is an exceptional examples of colonial American Antique Bed Posts from the 1800s, commonly called Four Poster Beds or Rope Beds and offered with choice of headboard. In true colonial American style Each bed is created by hand and maintains the same traditions as 18th Century craftsmen in the areas of design, materials, joinery, carving and finishing. We select wide boards of cherry, maple and tiger maple for hand-planing and scraping. Then, classic 18th Century joinery techniques are used to assemble each design. Finishing is done by hand using time-tested formulas. All Eldred Wheeler furniture is made right here in the USA.


CHERRY AND TIGER MAPLE remain the preferred woods. Tiger Maple, sometimes called curly maple or figured maple, comes from the red maple tree of the eastern United States and Canada. Its hardness, durability and beautiful wavy pattern made it a favorite of 18th century cabinet makers. The distinctive array of patterns in a tiger maple piece from Eldred Wheeler furniture will enhance its uniqueness and charm.


Want a completely customized bed or changes to any of our existing beds? Since we handcraft all beds to order in our Hanover, Massachusetts factory we can customize any of our beds to your liking or create a one of a kind bed just for you. If you have a picture or drawing of a bed, headboard, post, or carving our expert Craftsman can recreate it to your specifications. We also can paint your customized bed with any Benjamin Moore color. If you are looking for a custom bed please fill out the form here.

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