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Masterpiece Bed represents our effort as craftsmen to produce the finest handcrafted beds produced in the United States today. From the most intricate turning element produced on a lathe, to the most difficult chisel carving possible; our professionals possess the artistry to make your ideas into a reality. Many classic beds are represented within our collection, including canopy beds and the tall post beds. We are capable of custom turning elements on a bedpost, raising or lowering the height of your bed to fit a special mattress, and designing special headboards. We offer platform versions of our beds and hospital or movement bed solutions where we will “picture frame” around your freestanding mattress to give it style. If you have a post in your basement from an 1850 bed your great-grandmother slept in, we can recreate that bed so that it lives again. Our finishes are high-quality lacquers and we can do a lacquer version of any paint color you choose. We work in mahogany, spanish cedar, poplar (for paint), cherry, and tiger maple woods. Other woods can be ordered custom if required. Our beds grace the finest homes in America today. Interior Designers find out that we provide the special attention and customization their Clients require. Please allow us to quote your bed project. We offer a higher quality bed than our esteemed competition, usually at a lower price.

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