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Eldred Wheeler Furniture Refinishing for Collectors

Refinishing Queen Ann Desk

Eldred Wheeler furniture will always have great value through the generations and is always worth having repaired or refinished. After many years of use, a piece often is marred or scratched, and even though this actually makes the piece look more like an antique, the Owner may wish to have it made new again. Eldred Wheeler offers refinishing services to restore the piece to its original glory. Please be aware we will only refinish Eldred Wheeler pieces.

Top Only versus Full Piece Refinishing

The most common refinishing projects involve tops of tables and other pieces that have been marred through use or received damage somehow. Often moving/relocation damage is the culprit. Eldred Wheeler scrapes the entire finish off with hand scrapers and gives the piece and entirely new top finish. Our current process includes a lacquer finish so the tops are sealed and impermeable to water in a way that is much superior to the top sealers applied in the early days of Eldred Wheeler. Typically the bottom does not need a full refinish like the top and this is much less costly.

Refinishing the entire piece is often required following significant sunlight damage to the piece over time in one area, or significant damage or wear throughout the piece. We sand off the original finish and bring the piece up again from raw wood to a final new finish. This restores the piece to new condition.

Early Eldred Wheeler Finishes (Pieces over 15 years old)

Early Eldred Wheeler finishes were shellac only on most surfaces and poly-urethane on tops. We no longer offer this type of finish as the durability is much less than our current system which applies a lacquer over the shellac giving much greater durability, resistance to sunlight damage, and a deeper lasting gloss to the finish. Our finishes are applied to our famous hand-scraped surface.

Having us Refinish Your Piece

The process involves you shipping the piece to our Hanover, MA factory. For tops only and smaller pieces we recommend FedEx or UPS Box Shipping.  For larger pieces; such as, our Bonnet Top Highboy we recommend using Ukay furniture delivery service. Once we receive the piece we will typically refinish it within 8 weeks. Once finished we will contact you so that you can arrange shipping back to your residence. If you live in the New England area we can pickup and deliver for an additional charge.

To start the process please fill out the form below and pay a $75.00 deposit which reserves your place in our refinishing queue. If the refinishing job is cancelled for any reason you will receive your deposit back.


We have a price list for refinishing of tops only and full pieces. Download the Price List PDF here.

Additional Repair Requests

Sometimes a piece is damaged and requires replacement parts or further repair. For these requests we require photos from all angles be submitted so we can properly price the cost of repair. This estimate can be modified upon receipt if more damage is uncovered not seen in the pictures.  You will have the opportunity to approve the new price or turn it down for a full refund, minus shipping costs.

All of our repairs and refinishes are on a best efforts only basis. We make no promises of perfect match or perfect repair which in many cases is simply not possible, if you are concerned about this please do not proceed with the refinish/repair.

Insurance claims

We are experienced with handling claims for large amounts of damage repair and restoration due to fire, moving damage, water damage and the like. We can submit initial estimates and work with your insurance company to make sure the process goes smoothly and recommend full replacement where appropriate. Insurance covered jobs are to be handled separately, please contact us and we will call you and provide an estimate.

Refinishing just the top of a table is a cost-effective way to restore a piece after years of use.

Refinishing Cherry Porringer Coffee Table
The Refinishing Process involves skinning the piece (or just the top) down to it’s original pre-finished state. After it is refinished, it will be like new.
Refinishing Antique-Porringer-Dining-Table

Shipping is not included in this pricing

It is the Customer’s responsibility and additional cost to get the piece to and from Eldred Wheeler’s factory in Hanover, Ma. We quote limited additional charge blanket wrap pick-up and delivery in some areas of New England. We can suggest blanket wrap carriers nationwide.


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