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Eldred Wheeler Warranty

Eldred Wheeler is committed to the highest standard of quality when handcrafting reproduction 18th Century American for its customer. We want you to know that in our quest to replicate the furniture that our early American cabinetmakers built, we strive to continue the same traditions and techniques. Thus, our furniture will wear and age in much the same fashion as antiques, and will exhibit similar imperfections as well.

It is important for our customer to understand that our wide select boards will expand and contract throughout the seasons. This is an ongoing process and is a perfectly normal consequence of quality reproduction furniture. We attempt to allow for this movement when constructing our furniture; however, it cannot be completely alleviated as authenticity will be sacrificed.

Eldred Wheeler takes great pride in our pieces and is committed to preserving their functionality for generations. Therefore, we warrant that each piece will remain serviceable over time.

It is recommended that our customers familiarize themselves with the similarities our products have with antique furniture. Our furniture will have the same tendency to expand, contract, crack or warp as would antiques. These similarities to an antique are a desired outcome of Eldred Wheeler furniture. As such, we would recommend that they not be corrected, as they depict the true essence of the reproduction effort. In unusual situations where movement has been extreme, repair work may be warranted to eliminate aesthetic problems.

We ask that our customers read our brochure, “Construction and Care of Antique American Furniture”. This brochure gives the customer an awareness of the behavior of an antique piece which would be similar to Eldred Wheeler furniture.

Warranty Policy
Providing that the owner pays for the crating, shipping and insurance to and from our manufacturing facility, Eldred Wheeler will make reasonable repairs to our furniture at no charge. Exceptions to this policy are: (1) pieces that have been abused or mishandled, (2) pieces that have been modified, altered or refinished, or (3) pieces that we have previously repaired to the best of our ability. In evaluating any repair we make, we use the same standards as we would in repairing an antique.

Return for Repair
Should you decide that you would like to have an Eldred Wheeler piece repaired, contact our customer service representative or contact your local Eldred Wheeler store. Our representatives will assist you directly in arranging shipment of your piece to our manufacturing facility. While the decision of how to ship the piece remains with you, we will be happy to offer suggestions on reliable shipping companies that offer competitive rates. We will make every effort to make the process as easy as possible for you.

We provide dimensions with each piece description within our catalog. Due to the fact that our product is handcrafted, the actual dimensions of the piece you receive may vary slightly from what is presented in the catalog.If you need specific dimensions, please call your customer representative.