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Colonial American Furniture: Eldred Wheeler As An Investment

The Eldred Wheeler handcrafted cherry and tiger maple furniture you buy today will be a part of your family for generations to come. Typical production furniture may cost less, but it simply won’t last that long.

We make investment quality pieces to the same standards set by 18th century American craftsmen, using the same materials: wide boards of native Cherry and Tiger Maple, hand-forged nails, and hand—filed hardware. Period construction techniques, such as pegged mortise and tenon and dovetail joints, require extensive hand fitting. We make our cherry and tiger maple furniture the way it would have been built two hundred years ago, so it has all the character of antiques.


What is Tiger Maple?

Tiger Maple, sometimes called curly maple or figured maple, comes from the red maple tree of the eastern United States and Canada. Its hardness, durability and beautiful wavy pattern made it a favorite of 18th century cabinet makers. The distinctive array of patterns in a tiger maple piece from Eldred Wheeler furniture will enhance its uniqueness and charm .

How to buy quality furniture

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